The Rules

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The Rules

Post by ZeRo x iNSTiNcT on June 18th 2010, 10:27 pm

Welcome to ZeRo x Gaming!

I am here to lay down some rules. So here they are:

First off I am going to tell you the way are rules are setup. We have a BaseBall/SoftBall based strike system, which means if you get three strikes/penalties, you are kicked from the clan.

The first strike consists of:

-Warning notice
-Ban from the chat box (Moderators will set a time limit for your ban)

The second strike consists of:

-Ban from forums
-Ban from chat box
-Ban from GB teams

The third strike consists of:

-Automatic deletion off the forums
-Automatic deletion from all members friends lists
-Automatic deletion from all GB teams
-Also you will have your clan sponsorship revoked

Alright, that was the striking system.

Forum Rules:

* Do not create "blog"-style posts or unless they are part of a larger on-topic discussion. These topics do not encourage discussion and are therefore spam.

*Do not flame each other!

*Do not troll. Do not feed the trolls!

Flaming and Trolling Will NOT Be Tolerated, Argue Your Point But DO NOT Insult Any Member. You Will Be Warned Once Then BANNED If It Continues. We Here At COD Nation Believe You Should Be Able To Post In A Safe And Orderly Fashion Without Any Form Of Abuse From Fellow Members.

*Bumping is prohibited.

*Do not post off-topic or in the incorrect forum for the subject matter of your post. The forum definitions further down in this thread serve both as a guide and as the binding rules for on- and off-topic posting.

*Do not link to inappropriate websites. This includes, but is not limited to: sites containing adult content, information on any type of software piracy or shock sites. Violation of this rule results in permanent ban.

*Do not post false information or mislead other forumgoers. This includes false information about Call of Duty games, the public forum rules, or other information that may mislead other users.

*Impersonating forum moderators or administrators is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule results in instant permanent ban.

*Do not bypass the profanity filter (if it says -blam!- instead of the word you used, don't try different ways of posting the blammed word.).

*Threads about groups of users based on age, gender, race, religion, or nationality, including discrimination against these groups, are prohibited.

Signature Rules


Please Go Here For The Guidelines.
New Signature Guidelines

Videos & Photos
No Posting innapropriate content
No Pornography
No Advertisements
A picture that distorts / stretches the page will be removed.

Clan Rules:


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Re: The Rules

Post by ZeRo x TiGR3 on July 10th 2010, 8:26 am

All posts in this topic have been deleted and the topic has been closed, due to immature kids.


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