Hey Guys its iNSTiNcT here

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Hey Guys its iNSTiNcT here

Post by ZeRo x iNSTiNcT on June 26th 2010, 11:30 pm

Hello Welcome Guests,

This is instinct here I'm here to give you some background information on our Clan ZeRo x. Well we are a fairly new clan, but have been pretty successful so forth. We plan to enter in as many MLG tournaments as possible. Me myself am on 360 quite often i get on everyday for at least 6 hours my Gamertag is ZeRo x iNSTiNcT. Our Team practices 6-8 hours a day regularly. The Sniping team practices with the Sniping Team. The Regular Team also known as the GB Team practices together. We plan to be very well known.
Our Clan is very friendly and do not like trash talking we feel as if you should show your skill and not talk about it. We are completely competitive and like to have fun as well. Right now we are looking for a sponsor, someone who will pay for tournament credits because by entering tournaments we can get the sponsor more publicity and then more people will actively use the sponsors items which gives the sponsor more retail. We really are excited and hope this clan is a success.

Yours truly,


ZeRo x iNSTiNcT

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Re: Hey Guys its iNSTiNcT here

Post by KRacKeN on June 27th 2010, 5:13 am



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