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Post by ZeRo x iNSTiNcT on June 14th 2010, 11:23 am

Welcome! This is the ZeRo x website.

Heres some straight forward things, we are a quickscoping clan, we use the Intervention(no acog), we have one special guy whos uses the Barret. We use these perks:

Slieght of Hand Pro
Stopping Power Pro or Lightweight Pro
Ninja Pro or Steady Aim Pro

ZeRo x bLaCkOuT, who started the clan with me, is very competitive like me. We were like bestfriends and we argue alot of the time. As you can tell by mine and his profile, we hate eachother like enemies. Sorry guys I get carried away sometimes. Well heres our roster right now:

ZeRo x iNSTiNcT(Leader) Suspect
To Be Announced(Co-Leader)Question
ZeRo x Gizmo(funniest guy ever) lol!
ZeRo x ReCon(Barrett user) pig
Zero x Swagga(stupid boy didnt put a capital R) jocolor
MLGx iiSiLeNcEr (makes gfx and built the site, I love him)
Ugk Predator x (soon to change his name)
XBL Revolution(not sure how to spell his name either soon to change his name)
I'm sure there are alot more but this is all i can think of. I will correct it when I get on XBOX.

Message me on XBL, my gamertag is: ZeRo x iNSTiNcT

Check out the Competitive Corners for the CoD rosters. There will be alot of updates on them, so keep your eye on them so you don't accidentally miss anything.

Thanks Guys i gotta go flirt with bLaCkOuT's girlfriend now she is gunna uhhm do something to me but thats my personal bussiness cya guys later haha, Very Happy
ZeRo x iNSTiNcT Question Question Question Question

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Post by KRacKeN on July 24th 2010, 6:35 pm

I'm not on there...
Sad lol!



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