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Post by KRacKeN on July 10th 2010, 7:38 pm

Me and Ryan have been recruiting like crazy, and here are their names. Some of them have already changed their names, so here they are.

- ZeRo x iiMpAcT (TaZe x StiiNGeR) (Left)
- ZeRo x IBiONiC (xEZxOWNAG3) (Left)
- ZeRo x UnRaTeD (ReX x NinJa) (Left)
- ShadowAngel47 (A guy thats better than me) (Left)
- JollyGreenCoD (Someone who I am a little bit better than) (Left)
- FreeKilla12 (For the GB team) (Left)
I'll keep this post up to date on new members.



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